Introducing a simple way to free up
working capital so you can get back to work.

With no limits and a 48 hour turnaround, your money is no longer tied up in rebates. We are working with a growing number of utilities to make your experience smooth and quick.

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How it works

Getting started is as simple as depositing a check with your smartphone.

How it works


We promise a 48 hour turnaround time, providing you money in time for your next project


We work with most major utilities in the United States. Funding your rebate is our primary business.

Our Software

Our software is designed with you in mind. The cloud based app is mobile friendly and a breeze to use.


Our system is safe and secure. We don't share your data with anyone without your permission. Period. Your data is encrypted and safe.



By adopting our service and making us a payment ally, your trade allies can have an easy, secure, and quick source of cash flow.



This is for you. We have been working in this space for over 30 years and understand that cash flow is king. We're here to help.

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